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How can coaching benefit you?

Working with ChangeGrowSucceed will help re-focus your strengths, passions, priorities and  values and help you develop the vision of what’s next in your life both personally and professionally. The experience aims to leave you feeling empowered, in control and looking forward!


Have you ever heard yourself say the following?

  • “If only I could change my job…”

  • “I think the children can sense that I’m not that happy…”

  • “I am so stressed out at the moment!”

  • “I wouldn’t have the confidence for that…”

  • “I would love a bit of a nudge to get me up and going…”

  • “I feel like I’m in a fog and I can’t see a way through…”

  • “I am so unfulfilled/ bored in my job/ my life…”

  • “I would love to claw back some time so I could do something for me/ spend more time with the children…”


If you can identify with any of the statements featured above and wish to make a change, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

How can coaching benefit your business?

At Change Grow Succeed, we believe that Workplace Coaching is an essential activity to enhance performance among team members, optimize productivity and build resilience. It adds particular value to communication skills, interpersonal skills, managing and adapting to change, feedback and emotional intelligence.


Coaching can be adapted to 4 key roles in business:

  • Coaching for skills 

  • Coaching for performance (tasks, metrics oriented), 

  • Coaching for development and 

  • Coaching for the executives agenda (wider work-life balance related). 


The benefits of coaching are far reaching and allow for richer communication, conscious development of talent, improved performance and overall morale and disciplined leaders who show compassion for people.

 While training alone is adequate, follow- on coaching can increase performance by up to 88%.

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